Zing leads Vietnam’s top 100 websites in Jan.

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The information portal Zing.vn emerged as the first among Vietnam’s top 100 websites in January, according to data collected by DoubleClick Ad Planner.

The number of country unique visitors in the first month of the year was 23 million, or 26% of the population, and the country pageviews reached 18.4 billion, shows DoubleClick Ad Planner, a free media planning tool supplied by Google.

Zing.vn ranked first in all three criteria – number of visitors with 16 million, total access duration with 2.7 billion minutes, and pageviews with 1.5 billion. Regarding the information portals, apart from Zing.vn at the leading position, Yahoo.com came second with 12 million visitors, followed by soha.vn, vtc.vn and go.vn with 3.9 million, 3.5 million, and 2.8 million visitors respectively.

For social networks in Vietnam, Zing Me (me.zing.vn) had the most visitors with 8.2 million, the most access duration of one billion minutes, and 540 pageviews. Facebook.com ranked second with 5.6 million visitors, with yume.vn and tamtay.vn following with 2.2 million and one million visitors respectively.

As for multimedia entertainment, Zing Mp3 (mp3.zing.vn) also captured the top position among the online music websites with 9.9 million visitors, 976 million minutes of access, and 490 pageviews. Meanwhile, phimphim.com took the leading position among the movie watching websites with 1.3 million visitors, while clip.vn came first among the video clip websites with 2.9 million visitors.

The news website 24h.com.vn grabbed the first place with 9.9 million visitors and 600 pageviews, leaving the popular news site vnexpress.net behind with 8.3 million visitors and 530 million pageviews, and dantri.com with 7.5 million visitors and 380 million pageviews.

Vatgia.com led the e-commerce websites with 4.6 million visitors, followed by baokim.vn and ebank.vtc.vn. Only one forum made its way to the top 100 websites of Vietnam, namely vn-zoom.com with 2.1 million visitors.

VNG Company has the most visitors with 16 million, followed by Yahoo with 12 million, VCC with 11 million, FPT with 10 million, Facebook with 5.6 million and VTC with 5.1 million.

Statistics of DoubleClick Ad Planner are based on search data on Google, anonymously shared information on Google Analytics, data voluntarily provided by users, market surveys by the third party, coupled with Google’s algorithms.

Source: vnagency.com.vn