Feb 18: Vietnam central bank keeps Dollar exchange at VND20,828

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Vietnam’s central bank set the U.S dollar exchange rate at VND20.828 on Saturday, unchanged since Dec 26, 2011.

Commercial banks are allowed to apply effective exchange rate +-1% from the official exchange rate set by the central bank, accordingly, the ceiling price for a dollar today was VND21,036.

Some commercial banks raised but some other lowered dollar prices today, ranged from VND20,780-20,825 for bid and VND20,850-21,036 for ask, respectively.

Dollar Price Quote for Feb18th, 2012.
Bank Bid Change Ask Change
Vietcombank 20,800 0 20,860 0
ACB 20,780 10 20,850 0
BIDV 20,790 0 20,850 0
Eximbank 20,790 0 20,850 0
SeABank 20,810 0 21,036 0
Vietinbank 20,825 15 20,870 15

In the free market, dollar prices were quoted at VND20,800-20,820 for bid and ask, respectively this morning.

Greenback demand is said to be weak on lower import demand, especially raw materials for the steel, chemical and garment industries due to slow consumption while the government applied tough measure to crack down black market. Vietnam’s government last week announced a trade surplus of $170 million in January also helped ease dollar demand.

Source: vnagency.com.vn