Ngoc Viet – unique traditional show for tourists

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 - Listed in Home » Tourism


The special show came out impressively at HCM City’s Non La (Conical Hat) on the evening of February 20.

Hundreds of viewers, mainly artists and representatives of travel firms, were entertained with an amazing show entitled “Ngoc Viet” (Vietnamese Pearl) though the show is less than one hour long.

Forty artists from the Phu Dong band, Golden Dragon Water Puppetry Theatre, HCM City Traditional Opera Theatre and Smile Puppetry Theatre devoted to the audience 12 impressive items, selected from various traditional art genres.

Hat boi (Vietnamese opera), ca tru (ceremonial songs), Central Highlands gong, royal dances, etc. are familiar to Vietnamese but they became lively and sparkling in this show, which was carefully arranged by experienced experts.

Each item was several minutes long but they are the essence of art genres and they were performed perfectly.

Many traditional art genres, which are considered to be difficult for the majority, won the heart of the audience.

Huynh Ngoc Tuan, director of the show, said that the show aims to explore the nature and essence of traditional arts of Vietnam. “Through a short show, we want to give the audience the certain knowledge of these genres of art.”

Ngoc Viet show is for all audience but it is mainly designed for foreign tourists in HCM City. “When the show runs smoothly, we will organize specialized programs on traditional culture and art of Vietnam and allow the audience to see backstage scenes,” Tuan said.

The show is expected to draw the audience. “We are trying to build a living museum of traditional art and culture,” Tuan added.